Aug 16, 2011

GAME REVIEWS: The Bahston doubleheader

by Aaron Giddens

GAME 1: The Losing Complete Game effort

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Well, not exactly the start to the double header the Rays needed. Not much more to say to start here.

On the positive side. James Shields was excellent only one bad pitch, and though it was ultimately what killed the Rays today I don't want to shame him for it. Word on twitter is that this will count as his 9th complete game of the year. Shields is working this year. Too bad this couldn't have happened last year, maybe we might have gotten further in the playoffs. We saw small ball scoring in the first inning...

...after that the bats went cold. Lester was screwy in the first leading to the Rays only run and two of their only three hits. After that Lester found himself and well...see ya at 7pm. Jacoby Ellsbury burned the only bad pitch from Shields and sent it over the right field wall and that would be all they got but it was all they needed. S-Rod was plucked in the knee by Lester at one point and was on the ground not able to stand for a good 2 minutes, he eventually finished the game.

So, not a bad game but it was not the result that was needed. Game 2 better turn out better...

GAME 2: What bullpen?

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Well played second game, just what the Rays needed. Here we go...

On the good side in tonight's nightcap is again Jennings. The kid has not disappoint, tonight it was a solo shot OVER the Monster and in to the parking lot. The Rays found the bats they were missing earlier today and combined for 7 hits. Neimann, who can stop this guy? This makes him 7-0 since coming off the DL. He does it going the distance for the complete game victory. In the top of the 8th, they had Upton picked off and got him in a rundown, Upton worked it and Zorilla broke for home and scored on the bad throw by Pedroia. The next pitch was smoked by Kotch to left-center scoring Upton. Might be the most creative two runs scored this year in all of the MLB. Damon had a double later to pass The Babe on the all-time doubles list. HOFer? In this double header the Red Sox were limited to 5 runs and 6 hits.

On the other hand. The Rays hit in to their second ever Triple Play. Ouch. Ellsbury again hurt the Rays with the long ball....nearly the same spot as the early afternoon shot, but this time it brought the score to 3-2. Varitek went deep in 3rd. Oh, and Bob Davidson, enough said.

All-in-all this game gets my seal of approval. Can't beat the Red Sox any more soundly.

Today was a good day we split the double header, would have been nice to sweep it but I'll take the split any day. Two complete games by the starters. Way to save the bullpen. Good work, Boys, rest so you can beat the Red Sox tomorrow.


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