Aug 13, 2011

GAME REVIEW: Umpires 2,765,874 , Rays 0

by Aaron Giddens

Click image for expanded Box Score.

What the heck was that?! The Rays were owned, not by the Yankees but the umpires. I'm mad as heck right now. Time to vent...

On the good side tonight we find Desmond Jennings again. A home run. And a triple by Johnny Biceps. That's about all that was good today. We were screwed way too much today.

Jorge Posada had an amazing day....if you're a Yankees fan. He went three for five with a Grand Slam that was ultimately the death of the Rays today. He drove in six runs. Hellboy's command had to be lost in the baggage claim at JFK, he was all over the place. In 4 and a third he gave up 4 runs (all earned) on 8 hits. He gave 2 walks and only managed four strike outs. Not exactly domination, but not horrible either. The bullpen, oh bullpen, what happened. They combined to give up five earned runs. The Rays bats were MIA and the balls that were hit hard were caught/robbed by Teixiera, Cano or Swisher. But our star of stupidity today is home plate umpire Tom Hallion. The only way it would have been more obvious he was helping the Yankees is if he had a huge Yankees tattoo on his forehead. What was with this guy, every guy that got a full count today on the Rays side was called out checking their swing when 9 times out of 10 they had checked in time, no appeal, Hallion just rung 'em up. His strike zone was astonishingly inconsistent today too. When the Rays were pitching it felt like his strike zone was the size of a pocket calendar but when the Yankees were pitching it was like the strike zone was the size of my parents 56" HDTV on it side. Un-freaking-believable. A minor star of stupidity goes out to the Fox announcers, if I had $10 for every mistake about the Rays and the Bay Area I heard today, I would be able to buy the new special edition Star Wars Xbox 360 with the 320GB Hard Drive. Jeez man.

In short, the Rays were royally screwed today. By themselves, the Yankees, but mostly cause of the home plate ump. I will now go bang my head against my desk...



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