Aug 17, 2011

GAME REVIEW: Nice offense, Boston. NOT!

by Aaron Giddens


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One of the more boring games in my opinion, but it did have fun moments. Here are my thoughts.

Johnny Damon had two doubles (though officially one was later changed to a single and an error). Stay hot Damon. In the fourth inning, Upton launched one over the Monstah. He was followed in the fifth with Longo sending one over the Monstah. Zorilla had a double in the fifth but was stranded and had an RBI double in the 7th. On the good side from a funny standpoint, Shoppach sent another bat in to the stands and this doozy of a tweet hit Twitter. David Price went 8 3-hit innings. Masterful job, and if it hadn't been for pitch count we might have not seen the bullpen this series. Turns out the only bullpen member we would see is Farnsworth. He would pitch a perfect 9th inning.

The official scoring in this series was ridiculous I lost count of how many hits were taken from the Rays and were changed to errors on the Red Sux. The strike zone again makes an appearance. In the top of the third, Kotch was called out on a pitch 10 inches outside the zone. I place the sole blame for the lack of Price's Complete Game on Dustin Pedroia, to many long AB's.

A good pitchers duel is good, but so is a slugfest, this game was in between so it was a bit boring. But the Rays got what they needed in a win. Taking two of three from the Red Sux is what we needed at the very least. Rays will head home and wait for the Mariners. Good job, Boys.


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