Jul 21, 2011

Yankees @ Rays Game review (7/21/11)

by Aaron Giddens

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This is the first review of games on BRaysball Talk. Admittedly I'm a little nervous, but enough about me let's jump in to the game review.

For this I'm gonna have to "steal" the GBT format from Rays Index. Tomorrow I will try to have my own format conjured. For those that don't know, the GBT is "The Good, The Bad and The Telling." Though for me I will use the GBR "The Good, The Bad and The Ruling". So here we go.

The Good: James Shields. What more can you want? He shut out the Yankees, those dang Yankees, for 7.2 innings. Masterful job. Longo Goes Deep. In the first inning against CC Sabathia, Longo hit a hanging curve ball over the left field wall for the Rays first Home Run since Saturday. It finally broke the curse of the Air Conditioner that had been plaguing our hard hit balls since Sunday. Farnsworth. After the blown 5 out save from Monday night. The Professor was back to his old self tonight in the 9th. Getting to CC Sabathia. Tonight was Sabathia's birthday, and in those two previous starts on his birthday, Sabtathia was 0-1 with an ERA over 9. It was nice to see that trend continue tonight as the Rays got to him for 5 hits, 2 runs (both earned) and 4 walks, though one was intentional. Longo's Intimidation factor. I love this, in the 8th inning after hurting Sabthia the entire game he was intentionally walked. Could this be the beginning of Longo getting his pitcher intimidation back?

The Bad: 6 Hits AND 3 walks?! James Shields was masterful tonight but he still gave up six hits and three walks. He's lucky he was able to pitch around that as the Yankees would leave 8 men on base. Upton. The man went 0-4 with two GIDPs. That's not very productive. Umps. The strike zone was fairly consistent tonight...in the Yankees favor. I lost count of how many pitches I thought should have gone the other way and then there was a couple pick off plays at first that were missed. Can we have replay yet? I'm getting sick of being screwed by the umpiring.

The Ruling: Overall this was a well played game by the Rays, any time you can hold the Yankees or Red Sox to one run. and shut them out for nearly 8 innings. You've done your Job, what's better is the win. So this win gets my seal of approval. Good work boys, see ya in, Kansas City.


  1. Fun! I couldn't read any recaps until I wrote mine haha. Love your point about the umps. There was something else in yours I wished I had included in mine but I've forgotten already. ;)

    I like how your personality shines through. Do you like writing recaps?

    This still has me as Ro, but you know this is Randi Owens. =D

  2. Love the review. I'm just curious, what is the curse of the air conditioner? lol. :D


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