Jul 30, 2011

Random thoughts on today's game

by Aaron Giddens

First I want to emphasize that this IS NOT A GAME REVIEW! Just random thoughts on what I did see today, I missed most of the game due to a family emergency. (More about that when I can on my personal facebook and on my personal blog Christnrock Blog.)

Anyway, what we saw today was to be expected with our offense, it has been anemic all year long. One hit is all we could muster against the Seattle Mariners, the same team we had beat the night before 8-0. Today's final was 3-2 in favor of the M's. This is not to take anything away from the Mariner's pitching staff which, as I outlined in my series preview, is one of the best in baseball. But so is ours. Also just like ours their offense has been anemic.

I'm not making any excuses for this team, they are young and talented. What we need however is a new hitting coach, Derek Shelton ain't cutting it. If you remember the year before Shelton, Evan had nearly 40 HRs, last year, he could barely muster 20. Something Shelton has done has hurt our biggest bat.

I consider this season done essentially for us, but as I said in the series preview we should at least finish strong and try to spoil the Yankees Wild Card chances.

Alex Cobb, from what I understand, was terrific today. He did not deserve this loss. Unfortunately for us, the Mariner's pitcher was just better today. We ran in to the talented young arm of Pineda and we suffered for it. But no we should not have been no-hit for 5.2 innings. Nor should that 2 out hit in the 6th been our only hit.

We gotta step it up, should the miracle losing streak by the Yankees happen, we need to be ready to capitalize. And as of now, we're done for.


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