Jul 23, 2011

GAME REVIEW: Screwed in Kansas City

by Aaron Giddens

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Well another fun game. Yes that's sarcasm. No screwing around tonight, let's jump right in.

On the good side tonight we have our star, Desmond Jennings. Crawford who? In his first two at bats tonight he had a Triple and and Double, in that order. Rays fans went on Cycle Watch mode, but it was not to be as he would draw walks his next two ABs before being struck out in his next AB. We also hit the Triple jackpot tonight as two Rays hitters hit Triples, the hitters being Desmond Jennings, as we already know, and Elliot Johnson. Also good, which is an understatement, was Jeff Neimann. Ooh boy! He had his pitches going for him again tonight just like he did this past Sunday against the Red Sox. But just like his outting against the Red Sox, it would be in vain as just like Sunday he takes a no-decision in extra innings. Luckily this wasn't the 16 inning kind. Neimann pitched 6 strong throwing 92 pitches with 4 strike outs giving up only 3 runs, 2 earned and no walks. Joyce was clutch with his Pinch Hitting in the 10th. Too bad nothing came of it.

On the flip side tonight we once again have missed opportunities. Rays left the bases loaded twice tonight, once in the first and once in the 10th. The so-called Baseball gods don't like that. As a result of the second one, Gomes gave up the winning run in only two pitches in the 10th. Farnsworth...I'm trying not to blame him quite honestly, but more about why later. For now I will say he could have been a little sharper and what I'm about to mention wouldn't have mattered. The umps make a third appearance in as many days on BRaysball Talk. The home plate umpire's Strike Zone was the size of Russia. BJ Upton was called out on a pitch that was crossing the opposing batters box. But here's the kicker. Farnsworth gave up a walk to Getz in the 9th with an out. He proceeded to throw over multiple times, apparently getting him not once but twice, but of course, the Ump missed the call both times, look at the screen shot of one of the times provided by Cork Gaines of Rays Index.

Courtesy: Rays Index on Twitter
(c)2011 Tampa Bay Rays and Sun Sports

It's just crazy, how do you miss that if you're supposedly the best of the best? So the ump missed that call and Farnsworth was forced to get four outs. The batter, Escobar, would proceed to ground in to what could have been a inning ending DP. Instead, it was a fielders choice where he would score as the tying run on the next batter's double. And the winning run would score an inning later. This win was stolen by the umps. No excuses. I don't want to hear this "But Umpires are human too" BS. They are payed to get calls right in crucial moments and they blew this one. I'm sick of traditionalist keeping this game in the stone age. We deserve better. Get replay in here soon.

In the end, this game was well played until the 9th, sure there were two errors by the Rays, but each of them are forgivable as we should have still won. We have now lost two of three games to be played in Kansas City to the Royals, let's avoid the sweep. If we get swept, our season is over barring a miracle.


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