Jul 22, 2011

Game review Rays @ Royals (7/22/11)

by Aaron Giddens

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Well that was fun wasn't it? Didn't think so. One interesting note before we jump in to this review, Reid Brignac was optioned to Durham, Desmond Jennings was called up. For more on that news wise, go to Rays Index. For opinion on it stay tuned here. Anyway, here's the review.

Not much good in this game. I love that Rays hitting went "belly-to-belly" with Home Runs tonight. Joyce and Longo went back to back with solo and 2-run shots respectively, not in that order. Also good tonight was that Davis didn't walk anyone, you have to go to the to the Bottom of the 7th before Brandon Gomes gave up the first walk to the Royals.

On the flip side, too much bad. Our outfield defense looked little league tonight. The Legend lost two balls in to the Kansas City sky. Upton and Joyce collided to botch one catch. It, it, it, it was just little league. Also, you can't win if your starting pitcher gives up 11 hits in five and a third while the offense only manages 6 hits off the opposing starting pitcher. Speaking of the offense, they load the bases with no one out in the first and leave them? Ouch. You can't win if you don't get the man in scoring position in. The umps also had their say again, unfortunately it was the ones calling the outs on fly balls that blew these. S-Rod was rung up twice on check swings that should have been called that he didn't go around. The umps also blew a call in the outfield. Fuld caught a ball in the Bottom of the 5th that was ruled a trapped ball by the umpire. After the multiple replays shown by Sun Sports show that he actually caught the ball. That inning would go on to deteriorate, though I will give it you it could have been much worse, it should have ended without any runs scoring. And this is just a small sample.

Overall, we blew way to many chances to get back in to this game. It became excruciating to watch. We pulled within one only to let the Royals to pull away even bigger than before. This game was horrible on both sides of the ball for the Rays. If they Rays are to have a prayer of getting back in the Playoff race, we must go on a winning streak which means the bats must start working and our staple, our defense MUST return with a vengeance. Let's get them tomorrow, we're running out of chances for 2011.

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  1. Not the Ray's best game, that is for sure. I really wish the MLB would look into video replay for those umps. It seems to many games are affected by incorrect calls that could easily be remedied by a replay. Good luck next time boys!


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