Jul 27, 2011

GAME REVIEW: Pitching go BOOM!

by Aaron Giddens

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CONGA LINE! Well that's what it seemed like anyway. This game was a disaster. Let's jump in.

What little good there was in this game is worth mentioning. Matt Joyce with the Rays down 13-0 in the bottom of the 9th hit a 2-run home run to center field to break up the shut out. Jennings and Damon each followed up with RBI singles to make the game 13-4, which would be the final score. Defensively, Fuld threw out Sweeney at the plate who tried to score from second on a single.

Now the bad news, and there's not a shortage of it. First, James Shields. What the hell happened?! Shields gave up 10 Runs, all earned, 12 hits, 2 walks and 2 home runs to A's hitters while only managing 2 strike outs in 4 innings of work. This was by far his worst outing of the year. In an attempt to get the bullpen back, the Rays called up Rob Delaney, he relieved Shields in the 5th and promptly gave up another 2 runs in a third of an inning, he gave up one more run before being relieved. Defensively, we had an error by Matt Joyce that allowed Weeks to go to third on his single. Offensively, too many runners left in scoring position, period.

What I take from this game is wrapped up in fourteen words. "I guess this is what it was like to watch the Devil Rays play." Tonight's game was minor league, we let a team with some of the worst hitting in baseball get to us for 17 hits and 13 runs. This is not becoming of a team who are trying to repeat as American League East champions. As far as I'm concerned, stick a fork in us, we're done. See ya in 2012.


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