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Oct 29, 2010

Just give them up already, St. Pete!!!

by Aaron Giddens

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of St. Pete claiming their contract with the Rays to keep them then not wanting to do everything they can to do so. I'm sick of St. Pete residents saying "don't raise my taxes or I'll vote you out!" It's just time to hand over the team to Tampa if you guys aren't gonna do what it takes to keep them.

More comments from St. Pete residents tonight as they announce they have found a way to get the first half of the money to fund a new stadium. I can now see why Foster was elected cause he's just as stubborn and pig-headed as the residents.

All attacks aside, which isn't easy to do. I've had it with St. Pete hogging the Rays. Yes you guys fought hard to get them, but when they need you, where you at? Not at the Trop. Not in the office. No you guys are hiding behind a TV, telephone and contract.

I hope the area, the ENTIRE bay area doesn't pay for your stubbornness. I've grown tired of playing devil's advocate. Either support you team or hand them over to Tampa. period. there is no "oh we can hide behind our contract" because no you can't. The Rays will find a way to break the lease and then in 2016 we'll be saying the Portland Rays.

Just grow up St. Pete. You have a major league baseball team. So show the eff up and support them or give them up. Period.