Sep 17, 2010

The Derek Cheater incident...another reason baseball needs replay.

by Aaron Giddens

Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter — Courtesy: Flickr
Derek Jeter has done something I never expected him to do. He faked a Hit By Pitch (HBP) to get first base awarded to him. Watch the play here.

This is upsetting, if you watch the MLB Network analysis of the HBP it shows he looked up to see if they were buying it, so not only did he fake the HBP, he smugly looked up to see if he was acting good enough to sell it. The Rays weren't buying it though, and who could blame them, just listen to the sound when the ball hits. It sounds wooden, not like it hit flesh.

The Rays commentators made a good point last night. If he had actually been hit he would have been in the dug out or locker room icing it and possibly even going for an X-Ray to check for a break. So not only did he fake it, he faked it horribly, replay shows if it would have hit him it would have hit him in the elbow not the wrist like he was faking. So not only did he mess that up, as soon as everything was said and done he was not even rubbing the location in pain. He was fine.

So the worst acting job in history and the umps still fell for it hook, line and sinker. These ump either wanted to help the Yankees win, which I doubt, or they are deaf, blind and idiots. An now listen, via this link, to Jeter's interview by YES Network after the game below, followed by Joe Maddon's reaction after that.

So, not only did he fake it, badly like I stated, he admitted it as soon as he was asked the first time. Unbelieveable. I held Jeter to a high standard, he's a role model to kids and he pulls this crap. Not cool. Now to add the manager of the Rays plus everybody else in the sports world wants to give him an Oscar. Cheaters don't get Oscars. Now the point could be made that he didn't break any rules, which is entirely true. But have we really degraded that far as a society where Sportsmanship isn't expected out of professional athletes anymore? Where did we go wrong?

The other argument in favor is "Soccer, the most popular sport in the world has cheaters all throughout it's sport." So? Why must we throw out sportsmanship? There is no excuse for what happened last night. The only thing that makes what Jeter did worse is that a majority of fans, sports writers, etc. agree and condone it.

This just adds more fuel to the fire that MLB needs some sort of expanded replay system. It could be as little as a Challenge system similar to the NFL and it would make a world of difference. So Bud, how many more blown calls from the umpires do we need to see before you get off your butt and do something? You've already had Jim Joyce cost Armando Galaraga a perfect game, had Bob Davidson blow like 20 huge calls this season, what else?!

I tell you now where I sit, if sportsmanship has gone out the window like it apparently has, then I fear for the future of sports in general and the future generations.

UPDATE: It happened again tonight at Yankees Stadium in the Brox, again with the Yankees facing the Rays, this time the actor was Jorge Posada. Watch the "HBP" here. Does this team have any shame? How about the umpires who screwed it up again?! This is really getting old, it's time for Bud Selig to add a managerial challenge system for the sake of the integrity of the game.


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